Ascot Ladies Day

Aphrodite Bowls Club Calendar 2019 (as at 14 Jan 19)


Club Bowling

Bowls Cyprus

Social Events


Mon, Wed, Sat–Roll Up

24th – 10s at Erimi


1st Rinks to be changed

31st - 10s at Erimi

26th – Elaine’s BIG DRAW

5th – Draw for Winter Comps

14th – Start of Winter Comps

18-20 - Test Series at Aliathon

21-22 - Test Series at Coral Bay



Mon, Wed, Sat–Roll Up

7th– 10s at Coral Bay


9th/16th Rinks Comp

14th – 10s at Erimi




21st -  10s at Peyia

28th -  10s at Erimi



2nd– Vis Team (Bob Seddon Group)

14th-  10s at Coral Bay

1st – St David’s Day Quiz Night

13th– Vis Team(Cornish Travellers)tbc

28th-  10s at Aliathon

9th – Chairman’s Fun Bowls Day

18th – Vis Team (C0ney Hall Group)


16th – 6 Nations Rugby Party


Mon, Wed, Sat–Roll Up

2nd - 3rd - 2 Wood Comp at Coral Bay?


20th/27th Winter Comp Finals

4th-    10s at Erimi


22rd – Killer triples tournament

29th- Vis Team (Camberley BC)

11th-  10s at Aliathon

18th -  10s at Erimi

25th - 10s at Coral Bay



Mon, Wed, Sat–Roll Up

2nd-3rd National Finals at Athena Beach


1st- Vis Team (Bookham BC)



18th – Flat Cap Bowling






Mon, Wed, Sat–Roll Up









20th – Ascot Ladies Day at Clubhouse


Mon, Wed, Sat–Roll Up

?th National Entry Forms closure

12th – Pub Night


?th Start National matches 2019/20







Mon, Wed, Sat–Roll Up










Mon, Wed, Sat–Roll Up

5th– Start of Shirley and Ivan Comp


?th Club Singles Draw and Start


13th – BBQ and fun bowls



27th – Bowls Presentation Night


Mon, Wed, Sat–Roll Up



?th - Winter Opening Hours


11th – Cinema Night



31st – Fancy Dress Halloween Party


Mon, Wed, Sat–Roll Up


2nd – Rugby World Cup Final Party

8th – Annual General Meeting



16th Singles Finals Day


30th – St Andrews Day Quiz Night


Mon, Wed, Sat–Roll Up

12th – Finish of Shirley and Ivan Comp







14th – Club Christmas Party



  1. Chase Buchanan 10s League matches start at 10am?(arrive by 0915).

  2. Shirley and Ivan matches start at 10am (arrive by 0915)