Challenge Ladder Rules 2018

Bowls Ladder Rules

The objective is for each player to climb the ladder by challenging players higher up

The ladder is open to all paid up members,

You may challenge anyone up to two places higher than yourself.  Put game onto rink booking sheet and on challenge ladder sheet above.

Games are played to 21. To eliminate the need for a marker the jack is placed between the tee and the third spot from the T, by the winner of the previous end and the players can set the mat as they wish provided it is at least 23 metres

No player will be allowed to walk to the head or get information from any other person during the game.

If the Jack goes out of the confines of the rink including the ditch, it is a dead end. Replay the end from the same end.

Once a person is challenged a game MUST be arranged within seven playing days and played OUTSIDE of rollup times (Mon/ Wed /Sat 9-11), however, if you wish to come down and try and see if a rink is available then that is fine, BUT roll ups take priority. Anyone refusing a challenge will be moved to the bottom of the board

A member can only have one challenge pending at any one time.

If a game has to be cancelled due to weather then it should be completed within one week.

If the higher placed person wins there is no change. Should you challenge and lose, you must then challenge and play someone else before challenging the same person again.

If the challenger is the winner of the game, they will swop positions with the person they have played.

Anyone who doesn’t play a game in a calendar month drops down two positions at the end of that month.

Players can change the cards on the board straight after the match. Score cards to be put in box.

The winner will be the person at the top of the ladder on finals day November 24th 2018.

All games to be played under the Laws of the Sport of Bowls (current Crystal Mark Edition)

Disputes during the match: If an independent decision is needed a club member, agreed by both competitors, can be consulted. Their decision is final.

Any player/ team breaking the Club or Competition rules will be referred to the Club Captain Dress code:  Club shirts with whites

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