Club Competition Rules January 2022

  • All games to be played under the Laws of the Sport of Bowls(current Crystal Mark Edition )
  • All competitors must be paid up members of the club.
  • Matches should be arranged ASAP with their opposite person. Any problem arranging an agreed date is to be referred to the Bowls Coordinator at least one week before the end of the ‘window’
  •   The Challenger (first named) is responsible for ensuring a competent marker is available for the match.
  • All games should be played within the ‘window’ of the dates. No excuses will be accepted for failure to play within the stipulated time frame. Failure to play within the dates will result in the challenger (first named) being disqualified, However, there is no problem playing matches early if both players agree.
  • The Singles competitions will all be played to first to 21 shots.  The triples league will be played to 18 ends
  • Substitutes Triples Competitions: Substitutes will be allowed only in exceptional circumstances approved by the Bowls Coordinator and the Captain.  The substitute has to be a player from the opposite league on stand down for that week.
  •  Each team in the Triples League must rotate their squad for every match to ensure all members are given the opportunity to play an equal amount.
  • Only in exceptional circumstances / illness etc will a team be given dispensation not to rotate their squad
  •  All competitions will be played as displayed on the individual competition sheets.
  • Trial ends are optional
  • Jack goes out of play during the game: the Jack will go back on the Tee.  
  • Rink of play to be drawn on the morning or afternoon of the game
  • Score cards:  must be signed by the skips and must include full names of the  players and the finish time and be placed in box for the bowls coordinator
  • Weather interruption: If fewer than 11 ends played the match is rescheduled asap and continues from existing score and ends, to be played on the same rink. If 12 or more ends played, that is the final score
  • Any player/ team breaking the Club or Competition rules will be referred to the Bowls Coordinator.
  • Dress code:  Club shirts with whites

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